Pack Crianza / Vinagre PX



Very light and balanced, it has a fruity perception on the palate. The first organic extra virgin olive oil especially for use in the restaurant trade. It could be compared to a superb "Crianza". A special blend has been created for this oil that is perfectly adapted to the cooking uses for which it is intended. It is also a great oil for everyday use at the table. It is an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary quality made with the Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina and Picudo varieties from the best vineyards in Andalusia, as well as one of the first organic extra virgin olive oils specially designed for the high catering sector - as well as for any type of cuisine - and extremely rich in polyphenols.

LA Cuisine Vinegar is produced from the best organic wine, aged by the traditional "Criadera & Solera" method, derived from the Pedro Ximenez grape variety using the must enriched with a reduction of Pedro Ximenez sultanas.

LA Organic brings you the sweet elegance of the unique balsamic sherry. It has all the acidity of a Jerez Reserva. The combination of these two flavours and aromas, aged in barrels of the noblest wood, makes this vinegar a very particular product.


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